Smarties – TV and Print

PROJECT: TV AD AND POSTER ROLE: CONCEPT, ART DIRECTION AND GRAPHIC DESIGN Smarties – fun little balls Smarties were a young brand in Brazil and following a slow uptake they really needed a big boost to sales. It was a difficult project due to a very low budget and we were only asked to do a film. […]

Nestlé – Dedito lollies

PROJECT: BILLBOARDS & POSTERS ROLE: CONCEPT AND ART DIRECTION Fun fun fun Billboard and point-of-sale posters for Nestlé ice creams. South American lolly brand Dedito. A simple, fun and visual concept. 

Canon – ads and billboards

PROJECT: MAGAZINE ADVERTISING, BILLBOARDS ROLE: CONCEPT AND ART DIRECTION Only one chance Canon wanted a strategic EMEA Campaign to position their EOS system as the No. 1 professional brand for photography lovers. We created a campaign showing awarded images taken with EOS Canon System and placed the billboards in front of prestigious photography exhibitions, where the same […]

Salvation Army – Winter ad

PROJECT: NEWSPAPER AD ROLE: CONCEPT AND ART DIRECTION Winter Winter ad for the Salvation Army. In Brazil there is no indoor heating in houses, so is common to say that it’s hard to ‘wake up’ (get out of bed) in the winter. The ad plays with this concept and reads: If it’s hard to get wake up […]

Nestlé – LaFrutta – bilboards

PROJECT: BILBOARDS ROLE: CONCEPT AND ART DIRECTION Juicy Lolly… The brief for these bilboards was to communicate the LaFrutta had the taste of real fruit. A simple visual concept. 

Bakelab Italia – brand and web design

PROJECT: BRAND IDENTITY, WEBSITE, SEASONAL PACKAGING ROLE: BRAND DESIGN, ART DIRECTION, GRAPHIC DESIGN, FRONT END DEVELOPMENT Bakelab Italia Bakelab Italia is an italian bespoke cakes and biscuits craft shop created in 2018 by Bake Off Italy winner Carlo and much loved participant and entrepreneur Rosalind Pratt.  The job was to create the brand Identity and website for […]

Heinz – Advertising Campaign

PROJECT: MAGAZINE ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN ROLE: CONCEPT, ART DIRECTION, GRAPHIC DESIGN Heinz – Lynda McCartney Advertising campaign for Lynda McCartney range of vegetarian food. Four magazine ads ran in sassy female magazines to position vegetarian food as a fun and hot option for dinner. The campaign was chosen by Lurzer’s Archive Team to be featured in one of the few […]