Cortiba Health – Brochure

PROJECT: A5 BROCHURE AND INFOGRAPHICS DESIGN, PHOTO RETOUCHING ROLE: GRAPHIC DESIGN Cortiba Health A vibrant 16 page brochure for pharmacists, explaining the benefits of liquid Turmeric supplement vs powder based capsule supplement. Designed in compliance with brand guidelines. Copy and photography were supplied by the client. Retouching various photos to match images to product colour. Several infographics were […]

Sotheby’s – Auction Invite

PROJECT: PREMIUM INVITES FOR SOTHEBY’S AUCTION HOUSE ROLE: CONCEPT, ART DIRECTION AND GRAPHIC DESIGN Sotheby’s invite Design for an invitation to a private and exclusive Sotheby’s auction. The brief was to highlight modern iconic paintings that were part of the auction.  I created a unique invite with a special cut and fold format, giving a premium feeling, […]

MacKay Whisky – Magazine Ads

PROJECT: MAGAZINE ADS ROLE: CONCEPT, ART DIRECTION AND ILLUSTRATION Whyte and Mackay This was a mock-up for a magazine campaign pitch, created for a Scottish whisky brand. The brief was to emphasise the idea of individuality in choosing this brand over mainstream brands. 

Evening Standard – underground billboards

PROJECT: BILLBOARDS ROLE: CONCEPT, ART DIRECTION. Evening Standard – Flatshare A series of billboards displayed on London underground platforms for the Evening Standard. Having a younger consumer in mind, rather than showing unattainable, glamorous flats, we sought to create the reality of affordable shared accommodation and the experience of nice, fun people that you’d find through the […]

Levonelle – Morning after pill – Mag Ad

PROJECT: MAGAZINE ADS AND POSTERS ROLE: CONCEPT/ART DIRECTION/ILLUSTRATION Levonelle – the morning after pill Mock-up ads for a pitch, launching Levonelle. The brief was to raise awareness that the morning after pill was now available over the counter. We developed ads with a touch of humour and a colourful visual language to appeal to a young female […]

Barnardos – Brochure

PROJECT: BROCHURE FOR BARNARDO’S  ROLE: GRAPHIC DESIGN Barnardos Centenary Gala A freelance contract to create a brochure for Barnardo’s Centenary Gala Reunion. The work involved selecting from existing photography, designing maps, tables and layout pages. A range of editorial typographic principles were applied, mixing size, weight and colour to create a clear hierarchy and an easy to […]

Lux Shower Gel – MTV Promo

PROJECT: TV ADVERTISING ROLE: CREATIVE, ART DIRECTOR Lux Shower Gel – MTV Promo A fun MTV promo created for Lux Shower Gel, focusing on a young audience. The winner won an all expenses trip to Bali with 3 friends, which was echoed in the theme of the advert.

Kenwood Food Processor – TV ads

PROJECT: TV ADVERTISING ROLE: CONCEPT, ART DIRECTOR Kenwood food processor – TV ad A comedic film to show the Kenwood food processor as the easiest to use in the market.

Venus Healthcare – brand & web design

PROJECT: BRAND STRATEGY, CONTENT STRATEGY, WEBSITE DESIGN ROLE: PLANNING, ART DIRECTION, GRAPHIC AND WEB DESIGN Venus Healthcare Venus Healthcare is an independent and well established residential healthcare provider, offering placements in residential care homes, funded by the community social service and the NHS.   The brief was to create a colourful, approachable brand feel different from the […]

Smarties – TV and Print

PROJECT: TV AD AND POSTER ROLE: CONCEPT, ART DIRECTION AND GRAPHIC DESIGN Smarties – fun little balls Smarties were a young brand in Brazil and following a slow uptake they really needed a big boost to sales. It was a difficult project due to a very low budget and we were only asked to do a film. […]