Smarties – TV and Print

PROJECT: TV AD AND POSTER ROLE: CONCEPT, ART DIRECTION AND GRAPHIC DESIGN Smarties – fun little balls Some time ago, Smarties really needed a push in sales in Brazil to start with . It was a difficult project due to a very low budget for the film. After watching the historical reel, we solved the problem using […]

Nestlé – Seduction – Advertising Campaign

PROJECT: ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN ROLE: CONCEPT, ART DIRECTOR Seduction bonbon Advertising campaign for a premium bonbon called ‘seduction’. The idea came from the chocolate name as a chocolate that’s seductive and irresistible. The posters are made of cheesy and provocative pick up lines. 

Persil – TV ads

PROJECT: TV ADVERTISING ROLE: CONCEPT, ART DIRECTION Going a bit deeper… I love these TV ads we created, even though they ended up not running. One of those things…

Kenco Coffee – TV ad

PROJECT: TV ADVERTISING ROLE: CREATIVE, ART DIRECTOR Nothing can come in between you and your coffee…