Cortiba Health – Brochure

PROJECT: A5 BROCHURE AND INFOGRAPHICS DESIGN, PHOTO RETOUCHING ROLE: GRAPHIC DESIGN Cortiba Health A vibrant 16 pages brochure for pharmacists explaining the benefits of liquid Turmeric supplement designed under brand guidelines to existing copy and photo archive. Various infographics were designed to make complex data and medical information easier to understand and more attractive. 

Sotheby’s – Auction Invite

PROJECT: PREMIUM INVITES FOR SOTHEBY’S AUCTION ROLE: CONCEPT, ART DIRECTION AND GRAPHIC DESIGN Sotheby’s invite This was an invite for an exclusive auction for Sothebys. The brief was to highlight the modern iconic painters.  I created an unique invite with a special cut and fold to create a premium feeling while hinting at two of the most iconic […]

MacKay Whisky – Magazine Ads

PROJECT: MAGAZINE ADS ROLE: CONCEPT, ART DIRECTION AND ILLUSTRATION Whyte and Mackay This was a magazine campaign created for a Scotish whisky brand. 

Evening Standard – underground bilboards

PROJECT: BILBOARDS ROLE: CONCEPT, ART DIRECTION. Evening Standard – Flatshare These were posters ran on the London underground for the Evening Standard. Rather than glamourous flats we showed the reality of rented shared flats with the emphasis being on the people that you’d find through the Evening Standard. 

Levonelle – Morning after pill – Mag Ad

PROJECT: BILBOARDS ROLE: CONCEPT/ART DIRECTION/ILLUSTRATION Levonelle – the morning after pill These ads were created for a pitch, for the launch of Levonelle. The brief was to create awareness that the morning after pill was now available over the counter. We created ads with a touch of humour and colourful visual language to appeal to a female […]

Barnardos – Brochure

PROJECT: BROCHURE FOR BARNARDO’S  ROLE: GRAPHIC DESIGN Barnardos Centenary Gala Freelance contract to create a brochure for  Barnardo’s Centenary Gala Reunion. The work involved selecting photography, designing maps, tables and layouting pages. 

Smarties – TV and Print

PROJECT: TV AD AND POSTER ROLE: CONCEPT, ART DIRECTION AND GRAPHIC DESIGN Smarties – fun little balls Some time ago, Smarties really needed a push in sales in Brazil to start with . It was a difficult project due to a very low budget for the film. After watching the historical reel, we solved the problem using […]

Nestlé – Dedito lollies

PROJECT: BILBOARDS ROLE: CONCEPT AND ART DIRECTION Fun fun fun The brief for these point of sale posters was to communicate that dedito was a fun lolly for young children. A simple fun and visual concept. Although I lost the copy of the other poster, we also had lovely photo showing a mischievous girl with the lollie […]

Nestlé – Seduction – Advertising Campaign

PROJECT: ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN ROLE: CONCEPT, ART DIRECTOR Seduction bonbon Advertising campaign for a premium bonbon called ‘seduction’. The idea came from the chocolate name as a chocolate that’s seductive and irresistible. The posters are made of cheesy and provocative pick up lines. 

Canon – ads and bilboards

PROJECT: MAGAZINE ADVERTISING, BILBOARDS ROLE: CONCEPT AND ART DIRECTION Only one chance Pan European Campaign for Canon Semi professional cameras. Canon used to be seen as the second professional camera in Europe, the client wanted to position EOS Canon system as the number 1 professional brand. We created a campaign showing some of the most awarded images […]